Dough bread from our own kitchen

There is something enchanting about baking your own bread, and at Pre Pain you can experience this magic with their sourdough bread from their own kitchen.

Dough bread is an artisanal delicacy known for its unique taste and texture. At Pre Pain, they understand the true art of dough bread baking and have developed a special process to prepare this delicious bread in their own kitchen.

The secret is in the sourdough culture, a natural fermentation process used to make the bread rise. This culture consists of wild yeasts and bacteria that impart a complex flavor and aroma to the bread. At Pre Pain, sourdough culture is carefully nurtured and used to make authentic sourdough bread.

Pre Pain’s homemade sourdough bread has many benefits. First, you can enjoy the fresh smell and crispy crust that only freshly baked bread can offer. In addition, you can customize the bread to your own taste by experimenting with different flours and additions such as seeds or nuts.

Moreover, baking your own bread is a satisfying and soothing activity. Kneading the dough, watching the rising process and finally tasting your own creation gives a sense of accomplishment and pride.

At Pre Pain, they understand that not everyone has the time or experience to bake their own dough bread. That is why they offer their delicious and artisanal dough breads, prepared with love and skill in their own kitchen.

So, if you want to enjoy the magic of homemade bread without the hassle, opt for the home-made dough bread at Pre Pain. Be enchanted by the unique taste, aroma and texture of this artisan bread and make every moment a special bread experience.


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