At Pré Pain, we bake delicious bake-off bread daily to provide end-users with the opportunity to offer the freshest bread experience: freshly baked and delightfully crispy. We do this with great craftsmanship and modern production processes. We believe that nothing surpasses freshly baked crispy bread, resulting in small moments of happiness for the consumer.

Tasteful innovations

The assortment is recognized for more flavor, authentic appearance, shape, and extended freshness.

Roasted Seeds

The roasted seeds give the bread a rustic and traditional look. You can see it, smell it and taste it. Roasting also improves nutritional values.

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Sour dough

Sourdough bread gets more flavor, a specific structure and aroma through natural fermentation and a longer rising time. It also provides improved nutritional values.

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Next Generation

Authentic products with a wonderfully thin, crispy crust and a light crumb. And also fresh for longer.

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More than 100 years of craftsmanship


It started as a traditional bakery in the city center of Oldenzaal.


Foundation of Pré Pain, specialized in crispy bake-off bread.


Pré Pain is expanding with the first mega line and additional freezer storage.


Line 11, unique in-house developed brick oven line for artisan bread.


Pré Pain becomes part of ARYZTA.


Realization of the sourdough kitchen.


Introduction of sourdough bread with our own living starter culture.


Pré Pain optimizes line 7 and introduces a next generation of baguettes and petit pains.

  • We process 50 million kilos of flour every year
  • Every year we bake more than half a billion rolls, baguettes and… specialties.
  • Our bread is transported in 14,000 trucks per year to customers throughout Europe. This is a column from Oldenzaal to Brussels.
  • We have 8 specialized baking lines.
  • Approximately 220 colleagues work at the Oldenzaal location

Working well and sustainably


We bake products based on a cost-quality leadership idea. This is only possible with the right ingredients, specialized and modern bakery technology, an experienced R&D and Q&A team and professionals in the bakery. The suppliers we have been doing business with for years all meet the highest requirements that are important to us and our customers.

Since 2015, Pré Pain has been part of ARYZTA, a global specialist in bake-off products. As a result, in addition to bake-off bread products, Pré Pain also supplies a wide range of viennoiserie and sweet and savoury snacks.

ARYZTA is an international bakery company with a leading position in convenience bakery. The company offers a comprehensive range of products and services for in-store bakery solutions. ARYZTA has excellent capabilities in the bakery industry, offering high-quality bread & rolls with great taste, morning bakery and savoury bakery. The goal is to create moments of joy for our consumers every day with our range of freshly baked products at the point of sale.

ARYZTA Europe has 13 bread bakeries, 13 production sites for the Quick Serve Restaurant channel for the production of hamburger buns and 7 sales organisations for Food Solutions. ARZYTA is present in 27 countries in Europe and Asia-Pacific www.aryzta.com

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