Consciously enjoy the taste of sourdough bread!

Unlike traditional bread, sourdough bread undergoes a natural fermentation that not only improves its taste, but also increases its nutritional values.

This means that sourdough bread is not only very tasty, but also offers numerous health benefits.
One of the secrets behind the rich taste and distinctive properties of sourdough bread is
the slow rise time. The dough develops over an average period of 14 to 28
hours. This process not only creates a deeper and more complex flavor, but also gives the bread
a unique texture and aroma.

The use of a proprietary starter culture ensures that each sourdough bread has a unique character,
while the crispy crust adds a delicious crunch with every bite. In addition, the
dough bread stays fresh longer than regular bread, so you can enjoy it longer. Our
dough bread is baked in a traditional stone oven, which contributes to its authentic
flavor and rustic appearance.

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