Roasted seeds

The crucial roasting process of seeds and kernels generates additional aromas and adds a unique nutty flavor and texture to our bread, while also increasing its nutritional value.

Roasted seeds are soaked, which helps the bread retain moisture better and stay fresh longer. This gives our artisan bread a rustic look that you can see, smell and taste. Prepared with passion, the dough rises longer and is baked in a stone oven for the very best taste results.



This is the case with sourdough bread natural fermentation.

Fermentation ensures a natural improvement of the nutritional values in bread.

Sourdough bread therefore offers many health benefits.


Sourdough-based bread needs a long rising time, on average 14 to 28 hours.

This process gives sourdough bread more taste, and specific structure and aroma.


The popularity of sourdough bread has continued to increase in recent years.

In countries such as England, Germany or Belgium, more than 15% of the bread market already consists of sourdough bread.

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